A different way of thinking: Agile and Focused on IoT

Over the years, many people have been surprised that I enjoy IT outside of work, as much as I do in work.

During those years, my inquisitive mind has asked and answered many questions. Its mainly been a series of little experiments and learning along the way. Whilst this is really interesting and rewarding, it doesn’t really give you any constructive output.

Instead of a bouncing between a set of experiences, I’ve decided to focus on a specific area, and its supporting technology. I also want to regularly produce constructive outputs in an agile fashion.

The ‘Internet of Things’ or IoT is a future next generation of technology that will soon be entering our homes and businesses. Cloud based technologies will be consumed using lots of these little IoT interconnected and Internet connected hardware devices embedded into everything.

It is the IoT device communications that interests me most. I envisage a lot of learning ahead about new programming languages, software, hardware, protocols, and algorithms. A swarm of IoT devices will need to effectively and efficiently communicate with each other and their supporting cloud platforms.

In order to research IoT further, I am building a Raspberry Pi cluster. Adding sensors and output devices will allow APIs and messaging systems to be designed and developed. The Raspberry Pis will provide a good platform for multiple devices communicating, and I will also build a robot with an embedded Raspberry Pi.

I believe current technologies like Bitcoin, BitTorrent, and the Tor Onion Router will all be important in an adapted form to support securing these communications to provide a distributed mesh network for IoT devices. I just need to prove it.

So, let the learning begin… I am thinking 10x bigger, looking for a future Moonshot.

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